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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does it hurt?

Yes, I’d be BS’n if I told you they didn’t.
Ask yourself how bad do you want the tattoo.  Each individual perceives and responds to pain in their own way. I will say that getting a Tattoo is not agony especially if you put your mind elsewhere and let the artist do his job.
During the Tattoo process the pain you do feel comes from the needles striking your skin very rapidly.  After the Tattoo is applied, personally, I consider it to be like a bad sunburn in the area of the tattoo and just like sunburn, the “sting” subsides in a matter of days.

Q.  How much does a tattoo cost?

That is almost an impossible question to answer without seeing exactly what it is you want tattooed. It depends on a few things like size, detail and placement just to name a few.  That question is similar to calling a shoe store and asking how much it costs for a pair of shoes.  Get in touch with me, we’ll discuss it, that’s free and you will find that my prices are very reasonable.  I’m not the least expensive guy in town nor am I the most expensive, I certainly don’t price my work based on my ego.

Q.  What do you charge by the hour?

Again, that is almost an impossible question to answer without me knowing if you want me to work fast or slow.  A more important question would be what quality of work will you be getting?  I can tell you I get $5 an hour and take an hour to tattoo just one line.  Yes, $5 is a lot less than $80 but you won’t really be getting a good deal.  Better to shop for a reputable artist and pay him what he wants, if you can afford it great!  If you can’t wait until you can.  This isn’t chain store stuff we’re dealing with here, you can’t return what you purchase.  You can shop for deals but usually you get what you pay for, don’t pay for someone’s ego, or their desire to make money, pay for their reputation and quality of work.

Q.  I plan on taking a vacation in Las Vegas, is there anything I should take into consideration?

Yes there is.  Plan to enjoy Las Vegas and then get your Tattoo a day or two before you leave.  Have a good idea of what it is you want and where you want your Tattoo placed on your body.  There is an aftercare procedure you’ll have to follow and getting your Tattoo right away will only make it more difficult for you to enjoy your trip.

Q.  OK, this aftercare you speak of, what is it, what do I have to do?

Well, I will make sure you know exactly what to do and what to use after I tattoo you.  It’s really not that difficult to maintain your healing Tattoo, but more of a small inconvenience.  I also insist that you call me if you have further questions or are confused about something.  I have no problem explaining your concerns even after you’re back home.

Q.  What if I am under 18 years old?

As far as I am concerned you should wait until you are at least 18 no matter what various Federal, State or Local laws or even mommy & daddy say, I will need to see valid proof of age and you must be 18 years old to get a tattoo from me.  I do not have parental consent forms.

Q.  What about AIDS, can I get it from a Tattoo?

Great question!  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) there has never been a tattoo related case of AIDS.

See the “Health Concerns” section on the “Information” page.

Q.  Hepatitis? It is possible to transmit hepatitis through tattooing but the CDC has not attributed a case of hepatitis to a tattoo shop in over 10 years.

See the “Health Concerns” section on the “Information” page.

Q.  What do you do to prevent spreading a disease?

I rigorously employ guidelines and controls in order to prevent exposure to blood borne pathogens. These guidelines and controls are called Universal Precautions and are published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

See the “Health Concerns section on the “Information” page.

Q.  What colors are available for tattoos?

Almost every color under the sun is available.  How they appear after the tattoo is healed depends upon the tone of your skin.   Those with fair skin, the colors appear bright and well defined, while those with very dark complexions, lighter colors tend to take on the attributes of the skin tone and appear dull.  Not to mention the effects the sun has on the skin.  White ink will not stay bright white even in people with fair skin and should be used sparingly and only under certain circumstances.  Black will hold up the best in all tones of skin.

Q.  Do I need an appointment?

At this time, yes, you do and please allow plenty of time to schedule one. I can be reached at 702-596-3161 or eMail me at the address on the “Get in Touch” page where more information can be found.

Q.  What type of payment do you accept?

Cash is King!  I don’t know of a single person who doesn’t like it.   No credit cards and no personal checks.

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