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At tattoo art we focus on one thing. Piercings! Wait, that's not it. We don't do that at all. Our main, and only, focus is ink. We are tattoo artists, not body modders, not piercers and not a hair salon. By doing one thing and doing it awesomely we become more awesome. 

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Every single one of our tattoo artist is USTTA certified in hygienic and sterile technique. We take that shit seriously and dare you to try and find a cleaner studio in all of Las Vegas. 

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You want a crazy, audacious custom tattoo? You've come to the right place. Our artists love a challenge, relish it and exceed at it. Got a design in mind that other artists won't touch? We will and we'll do it better than anyone. 

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Tribal Tats

Tribal Tattoos. They are all the rage, but are they authentic? Our staff loves to study ancient cultures and the meanings behind their body mods so we know our stuff and won't give you something that doesn't mean what you think it does.

Custom Gallery

Hundreds of starter templates to choose from that are the perfect jumping point for collaborating to design your own custom tattoo.

Vivid Colors

Two people on our staff are graphic design grads who know how to pick the perfect colors to compliment your complexion.

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